Strange Aeons

Chronicles of One Luna Teak: Day 4

Newly refreshed, we made our way to the chaplain's office. Children were drawing and playing nearby. Survivors apparently used this space for some quiet time.  We noticed a gated area. In the gated alcove, appearred a cabinet that Ku'uvlin could sense magic emanating from. Brawl Dar took a metal bar and ripped open the doors.

Kuuvlin went through the items with magic while I took the non-magic ones. He found scrolls to Pharasma and magical ones to heal light wounds. There were a couple of scrolls he was unable to figure out at that moment. He found a wand in a wooden box. I found patient files (see file section). Noteworthy was the file on Juglan who apparently improved when able to express himself through art. The file on Zandalas (from the "Zandalas-sees-all fame") also appeared to have artistic skills. The other files gave more info on the survivors as well as a few patients we haven't met yet. I also found a flogger that I decided to keep. Why not?

We see a vent in the room. It was just large enough for Ku'uvlin to fit. I talked to the rat creature in the boiler room to see if i could convince the rat creature to explore the shaft for more food. He refused. Ku'uvlin went down to the cells and gave art supplies gathered near the chaplain's office to Juglan. He drew a horrifying picture that caused Ku'uvlin to lose some sanity.

Kuuvlin went through the shaft and found that it ended in an office area. He removed the grate and lowered himself down. He found a register and pamphlets showing a rough map of the hospital. He grabbed both. He noticed the pictures of the founders and doctors at the hospital. He peered through one door and noticed a library. Through another door he heard crying. Ku'uvlin whispers out a greeting to no response. He decided to climb back up to the vent and return to the group.

The group went out again to find the kitchens. With the map, they realized they could either try to scale one of the walls in the courtyard or go through the area with the curtain that hides a hideous eye-tentacle creature attached to the door. We decided to try to scale but the sheerness of the wall made that impossible. We noticed a third option across the courtyard, which was to climb up to the windows of one of the buildings adjacent to the courtyard that lead to the library Kuuvlin spied. 

Kuuvlin kept watch. Me and Brawl Dar went back to the shed where a usable ladder was found. We brought the ladder out toward the window when the sky began to rumble loudly, deafening the both of us. We got the ladder up and Brawl Dar climbed up first only to be attacked by a gargoyle creature that hits him with its tail wounding him. 

Luna goes up next but was grabbed by the creature, tickled midair and then dropped for damage. I tried shooting at the creature but only managed to graze it with 1 bolt for 2 damage. Kuuvlin tried to distract the gargoyle with a conjured eagle, and I tried again to get up the ladder but was grabbed again and dropped. I went back to the guards and asked for more bolts. He agrees to give me his bolts. I went back out to try again and was grabbed by the creature. This time the drop knocks me out. Kuuvlin ran out and tied a rope around Luna to drag me to safety. Meanwhile, Brawl Dar was exploring the library area, according to Ku'uvlin.

I dreamed that I was grooming myself: brushing teeth, brushing hair, washing my face. My eye itches, and I rub it. It started to swell, and grew a sickly yellow. Veins of unnatural liquid run from my eye along my face, as the infection spread from its source. I couldn't stand it; it's too horrifying. I forced myself to face what i was becoming. I stared in the mirror at the eye, and the writhing veins of putrescent liquid began to shrink and retreat. As I stared at the alien thing my eye has become, I sensed an alien intelligence which screamed and protested at having been seen, as my eye returns to normal. 

I woke up, gasping, as Ku'uvlin poured a healing potion down my throat. I try once more to scurry up the ladder and was able to crawl into the library before the stalking horror swooped in and grabbed me. Kuuvlin went inside to use the vent shaft to get to the library. He met up with Brawl Dar and they explored the rooms nearby. They went towards the room where yellow fog was coming from. They found Dr. Laasandro in a pool of blood kneeling and a weird purple-ish mist emanating from her. 

In my last try to get up the ladder, I made it and went through the window but not before the creature clawed at me for damage. The adventurers regroup and Kuuvlin heals both myself and Brawl Dar. They explored more of the rooms. They found one room was locked and won't budge even with the mighty Brawl Dar kicks. Another room had an antlered beast with the corpse of a priest in yellow robes impaled on the the antlers. The group decided to go back to the library to try to rest for the day. 

Brawl Dar and Kuuvlin pulled the ladder in to cover the window. The group explored the area where books were shredded. I could just catch random words in Akklo from creatures in the tunnels we noticed upon closer inspection of the shredded book area. Our presence had not alerted these creatures but they appeared to be more intelligent than the rat creaturesin the boiler room and more malevolent. The group decided not to rest but to kill Dr. Lassandro.

They entered the room with the doctor. I fired a bolt into her chest for a some damage. Brawl Dar went in for a two-handed strike and hit back by one of the doctors unnaturally strong arms. A second bolt hit the doctor and Brawl Dar went in for another strike. He was hit again by one of the doctor's arms. A third bolt hit the doctor and a final strike from Barwl Dar killed the creature. 

The group uncovered Dr. Losandro's journal, as well as potions, master keys, books, and various items. Ku'uvilin discovered that the two mystery scrolls were healing scrolls. The room was filled with morbid paintings by Zandalas. I looked a little too long and lost some sanity.

To be continued in Day 4 and 5. Return to The Chronicles


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